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From Bazooka to Bosnia

Sixty Years of (non)Journalistic Experiences
A memoir by Dick Verkijk
Recipient of Poland's second-highest honor, the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland

First published in the Netherlands in 1997, From Bazooka to Bosnia is the amazing story of a Dutch journalist who dedicated his whole career to freedom of the press and respect for human rights.


Dick Verkijk started at the age of 14 as a co-publisher of an underground paper during the German occupation of the Netherlands and ended his career in 1995 after he was expelled by the Milošević regime from Yugoslavia as "an enemy of the Serbian people."

From Bazooka to Bosnia: Sixty Years of (non)Journalistic Experiences

In the intervening years he experienced the German occupation, reported about the suppression in the communist world, defended the rights of the so-called "dissidents" in Eastern Europe and the Soviet-Union, enjoyed the collapse of the communist system, and covered the war in Yugoslavia.

Highlights of the Book

Influence of Communist Regimes: Author Dick Verkijk gives a revealing insight into the influence of what he calls the "fashionable leftishers" on the political decisions in the Netherlands and generally in Western Europe of the 1970s and 1980s vis-a-vis the communist regimes.

Collisions, Detainments, Expulsions: Verkijk had many collisions with the Secret Services in the communist countries, was several times detained and spent a week in the prison of the Czechoslovakian Secret Service, the StB. For his investigative journalism, he was not only expelled from Yugoslavia but also from Czechoslovakia and Cuba.

Documentaries: Verkijk has made many TV and radio documentaries on both the communist and the national socialist systems. In From Bazooka to Bosnia, he throws a new light on the attempt on the life of Hitler on July 20, 1944. He comes with the well-founded thesis that the failure of the assault was not accidental but intentional.

Illustrations: From Bazooka to Bosnia is illustrated with dozens of unique photos and documents.

Read the Awards Verkijk has received for his journalistic work and the Reviews of his book. Learn more about Dick Verkijk, and Contact him if you are interested in purchasing a copy of his book.

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